Sunday, 7 March 2021

Why Do Elephants Eat Sand

Why do elephants eat sand?

The elephant's trunk is actually a long nose. It uses it for smelling drinking and picking stuff up like grass and twigs to eat, it also uses it for breathing while swimming.

At the end of the elephant's trunk are two finger-like features which helps it to grab really small items like sand and pebbles.
The sand could also work as an abrasive by helping to digest some of the more fibrous plants that it eats.

Elephants eat sand which contain minerals like calcium sodium and iron which is important for maintaining a healthy diet.
This elephant is using its toenails to break some particles of the soil and actually, it's pushing some of the sand right into the trunk before picking it up, it's not using those two finger like structures, it's breaking the bigger pieces and then putting it into its mouth.

Sometimes the sand or clay could help minimize stomach aches from the plants which have toxins.
Every elephant is a different individual and each has its own style of eating sand. So the earlier one was actually pushing the sand into its trunk whereas these ones are using the fingers on the trunk to pick up the sand and put it into their mouth.
Female elephants tend to eat more sand than males, which suggests that the females have a greater nutritional need for it especially during pregnancy and lactation.

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