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Two Lionesses and an Elephant

  Two lionesses and an elephant. Two lionesses relax on a sand mound while a huge bull elephant takes a bath at a waterhole in the background. Such a memorable wildlife encounter.  These are some of the wildlife we may see on a Tsavo East Safari with Wild Kenya Safaris.  To Book a Safari with Wild Kenya Safaris: Website: #tsavo #elephant #lions 
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The Coral Reef Cleaning Station

The Coral Reef Cleaning Station. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of coral reefs and explore what happens at The Coral Reef Cleaning Station. Discover the fascinating relationship between cleaner fish and their reef companions as they maintain the health of these vital ecosystems. #cleanerfish #cleaningstation #coralreef

Lions of Tsavo East: Majestic Encounters on Safari from Mombasa and Diani Beach

If you seek an African safari that offers mesmerizing encounters with the majestic lions of the savanna, Tsavo East National Park is your ultimate destination. Nestled in the heart of Kenya, this untamed wilderness boasts a unique combination of factors that make it an ideal hotspot for spotting lions.  Join us on an exhilarating journey as we uncover the reasons why Tsavo East is a lion-lover's paradise when booking a safari from Mombasa or Diani Beach with Wild Kenya Safaris. 1. Vast and Diverse Landscape: Tsavo East National Park is one of Africa's largest and most diverse wildlife reserves, spanning over 11,747 square kilometers (4,536 square miles) of untouched terrain. The park's expansive landscapes encompass everything from open plains and scrublands to lush acacia woodlands, providing an array of habitats where lions can thrive. With ample space and resources, Tsavo East can support a healthy population of these iconic big cats. 2. Abundance of Prey: In Tsavo East,

Beneath the Tough Exterior: Fascinating Facts about Elephants' Resilient Skin

In the sun-drenched plains of Africa, where the majestic African elephant roams, its formidable presence is matched only by its remarkable adaptations. The elephant's iconic tusks and impressive size often steal the spotlight, but hidden beneath its tough exterior lies another extraordinary feature—their resilient and intricate skin. Join us on a captivating journey to explore the fascinating facts of elephants' skin, uncovering the secrets that make it a vital tool for survival in the wild. Thick and Protective Armor:  Elephants possess some of the thickest skin found in the animal kingdom, measuring up to 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) in thickness. This tough, leathery armor acts as a natural shield, providing protection against the harsh elements of the African savanna, including thorny bushes, biting insects, and the scorching sun. Remarkable Wrinkles:  The surface of an elephant's skin is adorned with an intricate network of wrinkles. Contrary to popular belief, these wrink

In the Shadows of Tsavo East: A Leopard's Enigmatic Perch

The sun sets over the vast savanna of Tsavo East, casting a golden glow on the ancient landscape. In the heart of this untamed wilderness, hidden from plain sight, lies a majestic creature—the elusive leopard. With its rosette-spotted coat, keen eyes, and silent movements, the leopard is a true master of stealth. Join us on a thrilling journey to witness a rare and captivating sight—the regal leopard sitting serenely in a tree, an enigmatic perch that embodies the spirit of Tsavo East. Tsavo East National Park, one of Kenya's most iconic wildlife sanctuaries, is a realm of raw and rugged beauty. Its diverse landscapes, from vast grasslands to acacia-studded savannas, provide the perfect habitat for a myriad of wildlife species, including the stealthy leopard. As the sun dips below the horizon, the wilderness transforms into a realm of mystery and allure, where nocturnal creatures like the leopard emerge from their daytime hideouts. The leopard's arboreal nature is a defining tr

The Elusive Caracal: Grace and Stealth in the African Wilderness

Embark on a captivating journey into the hidden world of the caracal, a mysterious and elusive feline that roams the African wilderness with unparalleled grace and stealth. Discover the secrets of this enigmatic creature and witness its remarkable beauty in the wild, as we unveil the wonders of the caracal's life and its vital role in the ecosystem. In the vast expanse of the African wilderness, a stealthy predator prowls—the caracal. With its sleek and majestic appearance, this enigmatic feline captivates the imagination of all who encounter it. Join us on an immersive adventure as we unravel the mysteries of the caracal, its unique characteristics, hunting prowess, and the essential role it plays in maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem. The caracal's distinct features and graceful movements make it a true marvel of nature. With its short, reddish-brown coat, tufted ears, and striking facial markings, the caracal possesses an undeniable allure. These tufted ears s

A Heartwarming Moment in Tsavo East: A Baby Elephant's Playful Dust Bath Mimicking Its Mother

Join us on an extraordinary safari adventure in Tsavo East, where cherished memories are waiting to be made. Picture a heartwarming scene amidst the sweeping landscapes—a baby elephant, joyfully copying its mother's actions, playfully throwing sand over its back. Discover the enchanting world of elephants and the significance of their dust baths, as we delve into the fascinating bond between a mother and her calf in Tsavo East. Tsavo East National Park, a realm of untamed wilderness, beckons you to immerse yourself in its captivating wonders. As the golden sun casts a warm glow over the vast savanna, a heartwarming sight unfolds—a baby elephant, observing its mother's every move, engages in a delightful display of mimicry, playfully showering itself with cascades of dust. Let us embark on a virtual journey to this remarkable landscape and explore the captivating world of elephants, their dust baths, and the bond between a mother and her calf. Dust bathing is a vital behavior ob