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Review Of Luminar For Wildlife Photography

As a wildlife photographer, trying to find the best image or photography editing software that is both affordable and able to add creative justice to your photographs, can be quite a daunting task. There are just too many different options available nowadays and so to help in your search, i would like to talk a little bit about the one i'm currently using.

After spending so many hours or even days on a wildlife safari photographing the natural world, you eagerly can't wait to come back and start working on your photographs to share them with your friends and social media followers. After narrowing down your best photo selections, you want to use image editor that is easy understand, simple to operate, and responds to every adjustment you make with creative results.

black and white elephants edited using luminar 3
Elephants converted to black and white and edited with Luminar
bird photograph edited with luminar 3
Bird Edited and colour enhanced using Luminar AI filter

zebra photo edited with skylum luminar
Zebra edited using luminar golden hour slider
lion in a tree edited using luminar
Lion edited using luminar

Above are a couple of my wildlife photos that have been adjusted using the photo editing software called Luminar . So far i am quite impressed with what this editor can do. It is affordable to purchase, quick to download and most importantly, is a time saver as all photo adjustments are made effectively using sliders. The program also comes with image filters and Looks which are similar to inbuilt presets that help with the final touches for those amazing photo results you are looking for.

Luminar uses AI technology to analyze your photo and automatically adjusts the colours, depth and tones making those important parts of your photograph the center of attention.

The other thing that impressed me about the software is the Sky and Foliage enhancement sliders. What we see with our naked eyes tends to be completely different from what the camera sees and this affects the photographs that we take. The Sky and Foliage enhancers really bring back all the natural colours and lighting which were lost in the camera.

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