Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Big Cats And Glowing Trees Of Tsavo West

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A leopardess climbs down a tree in Tsavo West
Tsavo West National Park is renowned for its historical significance as well as many wonderful wildlife lover attractions. Some things that make this park unique include the rhino sanctuary, breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear Mzima Springs, volcanic lava flows, conspicuous hills and of course the leopard.

The parks diversity in vegetation and its hilly terrain combined with an abundance of small game, makes it an incontestable favored habitat for leopards. There are also plenty of baobab trees, acacia woodlands, riverine forests and secret caves tucked inside these hills which offer them cover aplenty.

Due to its brimming natural environment, the light is generally softer and offers our wildlife photographers some really great photo opportunities. Take this leopard for example, it was 3 hours before sunset but the moistened leaves and reflecting light from the surrounding hills makes the leaves glow so beautifully green. The leopard climbing down the tree just compliments the natural beauty of a safari in Tsavo West.

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