Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Some Facts About Lions Teeth

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A lions forward set of teeth consists of 4 canines and 12 incisors

While watching a lion yawn or growl, one cannot help to be immediately impressed by the two large pairs of sharp canines that this top savanna predator is armed with. 

Contrary to the belief that the four large canines are used for feeding, they are actually the lions principle tools when it comes to concluding a successful hunt. These large teeth pierce deep through the skin of its prey to create a tightened grip during the choke hold. As the lion uses its enlarged canines to tightly clamp down around the prey's throat or mouth, its game slowly asphyxiates as the canines are locked in to prevent the prey from breathing and escaping.

The smaller 12 incisors which are located in between the canines, are also used as a supplemental grip during the choke hold, as well as for tearing and yanking out flesh from bones during its feeding.

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