Saturday, 25 June 2016

When Two Elephants Meet At A Waterhole

2 days safari to tsavo
Two elephants drinking at a tsavo waterhole

The waterhole is one of the few places in a national park that is a hub for all types of interesting wildlife behavior. It is a place where emotions range between action, relaxation and drama or where all these moods are combined. Elephants without a doubt are excellent at displaying all measures of interesting characteristics, mainly because of their social personalities and their sheer size!

It has been suggested that, when two elephants meet at a waterhole for the first time, the outcome of their behavior towards one another may come down to the etiquette lessons that they learnt during their infancy. 

The elephants in this photograph clearly were not related to each other as they arrived at the waterhole almost 30 minutes apart and failed to display customary greetings. Yet each granted the other plenty of space to drink peacefully and later, quietly parted ways in opposite directions.

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