Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Cheetah Luck At Ngutuni Sanctuary

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A Cheetah at Ngutuni Sanctuary in Kenya

During this safari we were able to fulfill the wishes of a guest that had always longed to see a cheetah on safari. After having gone on a number of safaris over the years, she had practically seen it all, Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Leopards and everything in between on numerous occasions! Yet the only animal that always eluded her was this graceful and fragile cat. 

Cheetah numbers are sadly on the decline in the wild and for those of us who are lucky to see them, we should be appreciative of how blessed we truly are. So it had become a kind of humorous game during my conversations with this guest, where she would always say "this year we are going to find a cheetah ok". 

Well then on this particular trip, her luck finally swung in a big way. She got her wish fulfilled and actually made up for all the other times that she missed out as we got to see a total of 7 during the two days safari! 3 adults and also a mother with 3 cubs in the sanctuary. If you can only imagine how her smiles were filled from cheek to cheek.

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