Monday, 25 April 2016

The Moon Over Kenya's Savanna

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The moon rises over the Kenyan Savannah

Our moon is without a doubt the most admired and most dramatic of all things that anyone can experience on a night in the Kenyan savanna. Every memorable safari ends with a picture perfect moment of clouds drifting apart, allowing for the presence of the moon to slowly creep over the endless acacia dotted grasslands. 

This magnificent satellite in the sky has so many appearances; it shadows an eerie feeling to some yet a romantic allure for lovers, it is a calling for nocturnal wildlife to awaken and for the diurnal to sleep, it offers safety by softly lighting up the grass plains yet remains dark enough for the wandering predators to hunt, it pulls on the ocean tides to fall but pushes the coral reefs to spawn.... there are simply no words to describe the beauty of our moon when on safari in Wild Kenya.

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