Friday, 22 April 2016

Earth Day 2016 - New Resolutions

The Earth's Sun rising over Tsavo East National Park in Kenya

We live on a really tiny dot somewhere in this expansive unexplored universe. 
This little earth has in many ways been good to us and during the course of time, its surface has now fully come into our hands to care for. So we must honor this privilege by being the planets best custodians, for our sake and for the well being all the living things coexisting with us, today and everyday. 

Earth Day is a reason for us to begin a new resolution, try to find something that will make some part of this planet a cleaner and greener place, and do your best to commit yourself to it either daily, weekly or monthly. Even if mankind does begin to settle on mars by 2020, it still doesn't look as green and beautiful as our original home... Earth.

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