Thursday, 28 April 2016

While Looking For Birds You May Spot A Leopard

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Leopardess resting up a tree in Taita Lumo Sanctuary

So you are out on a game drive watching for birds but suddenly come across a leopard, comfortably perched up on a tree branch like the one pictured above in Taita's Lumo Sanctuary. Its an exciting find and a bonus sighting for the guests right? Well.. finding leopards in trees while birding may not be as uncommon as one would think.  

Most regular birders that i know have at some point or another, found this elusive big cat by quite simply having their eyes to the skies. Leopards as we know are extremely comfortable among the tree tops, so having your eyes peeled looking out for little feathered friends makes one more attentive and increases your chances of spotting these wonderful big cats. 
So the next time you are out on a safari, don't forget to look out for the feathered beauties as they may just lead you to a leopard.

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