Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Infrared Wildlife Photography In Black and White

A Giant Aldabra Tortoise in black and white Infrared
In the last post, i introduced my new found interest in playing with invisible light and the potential of differed creative possibilities when it comes to IR colour photography. So today i thought i would touch alittle on the black and white side of infrared photography, which i find, is equally as expressive. 

Unlike the typical Black and White photos that we are accustomed to looking at, when an image is converted or captured using IR you immediately notice that the B&W depths and contrasts feel more pronounced. Trees and clouds stand out as white, whereas the depth of the sky transforms into a darker black, giving the image a very unique effect.

I also discovered that if you are attentive to small details, Black and White IR can also reveal a number of once completely invisible elements, imagine having the possibility of seeing invisibility! Here's how... if you look closely at the face of the tortoise above, you will notice a white powdery substance surrounding its mouth. This residue is from some grass that it was possibly feeding on sometime earlier during the day. The whitish powder which was completely invisible to the naked eye, now became visible in this Infrared image. This is because grass is an excellent reflector of IR and so it stands out and glows quite nicely. Actually, depending on the reflective whiteness of the grass particles, one can even try to estimate the time and decipher whether it was feeding quite recently or many hours ago.  
So  as you can see, this once invisible element, has now been made visible, offering an interesting forensic insight into this tortoises, or for that matter any other animals daily routine.  

So contrasts and invisibility are just two of the immediate advantages i have touched on in Black and White Infrared Photography, i will be expanding on another advantage soon so stay tuned!

Seeing you soon,
Shazaad Kasmani

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