Monday, 1 August 2016

Lyretail Anthias

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Lyretail Anthias
Normally found at depths of four to 30 meters, the Indian Ocean Lyretail Anthias can generally be found shoaling in low density around coral outcrops, reef drop off's and in small coral patches between deep open lagoons where they feed on zooplankton that drift in the ocean currents.  

The females are typically orange or golden in colour with a streak of violet under the eye, while the territorial male who has an entourage of about a dozen females, is fuchsia in colour with an elongated third dorsal fin, a red patch on the pectoral fin and elongated margins on its lunate caudal fin. Did you know that when a male lyretail anthias dies, one of the females will undergo a sex reversal in to replace the lost male?

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Shazaad Kasmani

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