Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Scribbled Puffer Fish

A scribbled puffer fish on a reef in Kenya

The scribbled puffer fish is sometimes known as the map puffer fish and can be found in the sheltered lagoons, drop offs and reefs along the East African coast. 
Notice the network of yellow, golden, grey and brown lines that are leading out from the eye to the rest of the body. It has some of the most interesting and colourful patters of all the puffer species and the colour patterns may vary according to the specimens.
They are diurnal, generally found alone and feed on sponges, algae and invertebrates that can be found on the sea floor. 
When feeling threatened, the puffer fish will suck water into its stomach and "puff up" like a ball to double its original size in an attempt to intimidate or make swallowing difficult for a predator.

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