Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Unique Looking Guitar Fish

Guitar Fish resting on the sea bed

One of the most interesting characteristics about the guitar fish is its unique body shape. It seemingly looks like a cross between a shark and a ray - with its flattened ray like head yet it has a long shark like body with dorsal fins - but this fish is actually a classification of its own and has about 50 subspecies. 

The guitar fish prefers to remain tranquil on the sea bed, partly covering itself with sand to camouflage itself for any unsuspecting prey such as crabs or small fish that may come past it.
Reaching sizes of approximately two meters in length, they are quite docile so can easily be approached by underwater photographers.


  1. Hi Shazaad. Did you take this photo? Do you remember where? Were you able to identify the species? :-)

  2. Hi Dawn, Yes i did take this photo while diving at Mnemba Atoll. Im not too certain on the sub-species as there are 50 varieties. Thanks for your comment :)

  3. Okay. Thanks. Was hoping it might have been in Kenya. We haven't recorded that species here yet!

  4. I have actually seen them in Kenyan waters too. But did not take photos on those particular dives.