Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Zebra's Breeding Rituals

Breeding pair of Plains Zebra

One of the most noticeable of all mammalian species during an East African Safari is the Plains or Common Zebra.

For zebra stallions to create their little families known as Harems, they are reputed to become quite competitive and aggressive. Bachelor stallions can be seen fiercely kicking, biting, pushing and chasing other males when it comes choosing and gathering their mares who have reached reproductive maturity at about three to four years of age. Once a stallion has gathered a number of his mares and his harem has been formed, the family will generally remain together unchallenged by other stallions for a prolonged period of time. 

After mating, the mares will gestate for about 12 months and deliver a single fawn who will be strong enough to walk and keep up with the harem within an hour of being born. Did you know that Zebra fathers are said to defend their sexually mature daughters by fighting off bachelor stallions until they deem one of them is worthy enough?

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