Thursday, 14 January 2016

Baboon Sleeping Habits

A baboon takes a short power nap in Tsavo East National Park Kenya

From cliffs to trees and rocky outcrops, baboons are fairly adaptable when it comes to finding a comfortable spot to sleep in. Being generally light sleepers, they are agile enough to sleep on any odd shaped tree branches, and it is here, that they enjoy some short five minute power naps during the day within the sanctity of their ever watchful troop. 

At sunset, they retire to their regular and much safer sleeping sites where they tuck in for the night. These safe sleeping sites are usually found along the walls of cliffs or at the top of tree canopies where the troop feels safer from predators such as lions and leopards. Most baboons will sleep lightly through the night in an upright sitting position, as it seemingly keeps them alert and prepared to spring into action if needed to either raise an alarm, run away or to protect their babies and defend themselves.

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