Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rare Melanistic Serval Cat Spotted At Lumo Sanctuary In Kenya

A melanistic serval cat stealthily walks through the grass in Lumo Sanctuary Taita Kenya 

Finding a melanistic serval cat or any kind of big cat for that matter in their natural habitat that's melanistic is truly a rare and blessed event. This shy and extremely reserved feline would have quietly slipped away from us were it not for the help of a sharp pair of eyes from another cat... a Cheetah!  

While on a game drive in Lumo Sanctuary, we spotted a cheetah resting on a termite mound and decided to spend some quality photographic time with it. After about 20 minutes or so, i noticed that the body language of the resting cheetah had suddenly changed, and as i looked towards the direction that this cheetah was concentrating on, saw a small tuft of black ears cutting through the grass like a sharks fin would over water.

Hidden in the grass a melanistic serval cat almost goes unnoticed in Lumo Taita Sanctuary Kenya

The cheetah having pointed us to the direction of this rare serval cat lost quickly interest and continued with its nap. We on the other hand, were thoroughly excited about the find and i managed to get a few snaps of this beautiful animal as it quietly moved along getting deeper in to the grassy wilderness. 

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