Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Timing Zebra's Tails

Synchronized swinging of Zebra tails in Tsavo East National Park

Unique opportunities do not always present themselves when it comes to taking photos of subjects that have already been majorly photographed. The trick is to have some patience in trying to find something creative from within the subject itself. 

Take this trio of Common Zebra for example (pun intended!). There are millions of zebra pictures out there, but there are possibly a hundred or so like the one above where their three tails are synchronized in the same direction. After coming across a herd of 25 zebra, i started looking for that one unique image and decided to single out these three individuals. Keeping a close eye on them, i started monitoring the direction of their tails that were swinging in every odd direction. With my finger on the shutter i just waited until they all happened to flow in one direction and captured this nice pendulum effect of their tails.

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