Monday, 21 September 2015

Tsavo Lioness Photographed Eating An Elephant's Foot

Lioness spotted on a night safari at Ngutuni Sanctuary Tsavo feeding on an Elephant's foot 

Among the most unique wildlife photographs out there on the subject of lions feeding on their prey, this one has definitely got to be up there with some of those other rare finds.
This young elephant was hunted down by a different pride of lions at the Ngutuni Sanctuary in Tsavo East National Park and the lone huntress pictured above, homed into the scent of the kill and took some opportunistic bites while the main pride was away for a few hours searching for some water to drink. 

Wild Kenya Safaris usually offers its clients night game drives on special requests in this private game sanctuary. It is amazing to see some of the magnificent nocturnal mammals and reptiles that come out under the cover of darkness.

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