Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Safari Minibus Is an Economical and Comfortable Way To Travel

Lioness In Tsavo East with Wild Kenya Safaris Minibus

Safari Minivans or Safari Minibus as they are sometimes called, offer the Kenyan Safari traveller an economical opportunity to meet their budget safari expectations as it is a cheaper vehicle to run than the 4x4 Land Cruiser. 

The Safari Minibuses are custom modified to meet a low to moderate level of difficulty in terrain, which is typical of the african savanna in most cases. Since the majority of Kenyan national parks now have regulations limiting driving to 'On Road' and not 'Off Road', our safari minibus can comfortably carry six to seven passengers with ease, to any national park in Kenya. 

Some of the customary modifications the vehicle would undergo to comfortably navigate the safari terrain include: Four spaciously separated individual seats by the windows, a bench like seat for three at the rear of the vehicle, a pop up roof for easier game viewing and photography, an exhaust snorkel for the air intake and engine exhaust, and also reinforced Coil + Spring shock absorbers to cushion the ride. The safari mini bus can hence withstand almost all the terrain but could at times experience some difficulty during the wet muddy seasons.

While four wheel drive land cruisers are really the all weather safari vehicles preferred for longer journeys, the safari minibus is ideal for shorter trips as they offer a comfortable and cheaper mode of travel for the budget conscious safari traveller.

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