Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Lions Of Aruba Dam In Tsavo East National Park

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Fully grown dominant male lion of the Aruba Pride in Tsavo East Kenya

Among the many different lion prides that i have been meticulously following the lives of for the last few years in Tsavo East National Park, one of the most regularly spotted by visitors is a pride that i have called "The Aruba Pride". 

With over fifteen members in the family, this pride's most preferred area of their territory is the vicinity of Aruba Dam which is located right opposite Ashnil Aruba Lodge. The dam holds plenty of water during the wet season while a windmill runs a borehole that supplies a small waterhole for the really dry periods. So with adequate water all year round, relatively few bushes and lots of grass about, Aruba Dam is a real favorite hangout for the lions favorite prey which includes zebra, buffalo and hartebeest. So its no coincidence that the pride can be spotted regularly or at least heard calling during the night for most days of the month.

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