Friday, 5 June 2015

Let There Be Light ... Because Leopards Love The Dark

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Leopard walking after sunset in the Masai Mara photographed with a camera setting of ISO 6400

Believe it or not, this photograph of a leopard in Maasai Mara was taken about fifteen minutes after the sun had already set. With camera technology improving as fast as newer models are being released, the avid wildlife photographer now has more flexibility at their fingertips for all different types of lighting conditions. 

As we were returning to the camp from our game drive and ready to turn in for the night, this handsome leopard was casually walking out in the open and just about to start his day! Since the sun was already down and light was very low, i steadied the camera on a bean bag and increased the camera ISO to 6400. By doing this increment, the camera knew that it needed to allow for more light into the shot giving the above result. 
I simply love the way this photo has come out. The Leopard and the background details are visible, but there is also a cool mysterious atmosphere to the photograph.

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