Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tsavo Impala Caught Flying! - Is Santa Claus Switching Carrier On Africa's Xmas Route?

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Female Impala goes airborne in Tsavo East, Kenya

Its the middle of the year and Santa Clause's factories are probably running at full production to meet this years Christmas demand. Traditionally, tales have been told of his reindeer being spotted over the skies of the European and American subcontinent, but what about Africa?

When i captured the photo of this female Impala fully airborne flying towards me in Tsavo East, the thought of Santa's new substitute reindeer coming to Kenya immediately came to mind!

Impala are extremely fast runners and once they attain a certain speed, they can leap up to three meters high in the air while covering a linear distance of over ten meters. Their remarkable agility and burst of jet powered energy makes them quite a versatile adversary for the predators that feed on them. Some Impala are even known to purposefully show-off their high jumping abilities to a wandering predator just to relay the message "catch me if you can!"

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