Friday, 15 May 2015

Remember To Relax On Your Safari

The dangling feet and tail of a lioness relaxing up a tree in Masai Mara Kenya

Some safari itineraries can be quite tiresome, especially when doing road circuits covering multiple national parks. The early morning wake up calls followed by long hours in the vehicle can become quite tiring for some travelers. 

The key thing to remember is that your safari should be both exciting and relaxing. Sure there isn't much adjustment for time when trying to keep within the itineraries schedule, there are however moments that you can relax on a game drive and truly unwind. 

The secret is.... while on your safari drive, stop to really appreciate everything! From small mammals and birds to mighty elephants and big cats. If possible try to spend at least thirty minutes or more with your favorite species to truly appreciate them and completely relax in their presence. Wildlife photographers are accustomed to this technique and can stay with animals for hours, yet holiday makers spend an average ten minutes with a species and then ask the driver to whisk away to find something else. Spending more time with wildlife will help you relax as you center yourself to the sight and sounds of the environment you are currently in. Appreciate the detail of what the animal is doing, listen to the leaves of trees rustling in the wind, the birds singing, the animals communicating and everything will suddenly come together like a beautiful melody. This melody is the key to ultimate relaxation while on safari game drives. You will finish your day feeling more relaxed and surprisingly fulfilled with all that you saw and heard on the day.