Sunday, 24 May 2015

Loving Kenya's Turtles This World Turtle Day

Turtle and Remora, Kenya Diving,
A Turtle relaxes on the Indian Ocean seabed with remoras attached on its top and bottom shell

May 23rd is designated as world turtle day. Its a day where people from across the globe interested in watching marine life or working towards its conservation make a little extra effort to highlight the importance of protecting turtles in our oceans. Its a wonderful attempt at placing a spotlight on this beautiful and friendly marine species.

The Kenyan and Tanzanian coastline is blessed with a healthy fringing reef and white sandy beaches that make it an ideal breeding and feeding environment for turtles. The dive schools that are located in Shimoni, Diani, Tiwi, Mombasa, Kilifi, Watamu, Malindi and Lamu can all proudly boast about their favorite dive spot where the visiting scuba diver can be pretty much guaranteed a turtle sighting. Having a turtle curiously take a glance as it swims past is a memorable experience for every diver.

Sadly enough, the amount of pollution entering the ocean, the increased use of ring net and trawler fisheries, plus the unregulated infrastructure development on the beaches is making it harder for turtles to survive in Kenya. So how about making a difference for the turtles this year? Talk about them this World Turtle Day and if possible try to support your local turtle conservation trust. 

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