Saturday, 16 May 2015

Hard Talk With A Hartebeest In Tsavo East

 A Hartebeest catches some morning sun in Tsavo East right next to the camera setup

The beauty of modern technology is that it can allow a wildlife film maker or researcher to remotely trigger a camera from over 300 meters away so as to capture some really intimate wildlife behavior. This kind of physical distance between man and wildlife, allows the animal to feel completely at ease as the subject is usually quite clueless that its being photographed. It hence goes about its day to day rituals unknowingly talking to us about its average day. A researcher who spends many months studying movement patterns could set up their camera on a preferred species trail and simply wait for the wildlife to pass by to get that jackpot of a shot.

The above hartebeest in Tsavo East, found this particular sandy spot to be a perfect little resting area to catch some early morning sun. Over a span of one hour, this beautiful shy animal revealed some really interesting details as it practically talked to us through its movements about its personal grooming and resting habits. 

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