Monday, 18 May 2015

When Elephant's Whisper

Elephants in Tsavo Kenya Safari
A herd of Elephants communicate together in Tsavo East Kenya

Elephants are the largest and also one of the most intelligent mammals roaming our national parks. Although their vuvuzella like trunks may make you believe otherwise, elephants are complex and have a highly evolved communication system which helps them to maintain their close social structures.
We can often see them at a waterhole, touching each other, using body language signals or we can even hear them generating sounds such as trumpeting, snorting and grunting to relay messages to one another.
Besides this obvious form of keeping contact and passing down the old savanna stories, elephants have a supplementary communication system known as rumbling. They use something called Infrasonic sound at levels undetectable by the human ear to communicate with other elephant groups or among family members over very very long distances.

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