Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cheetah Makes A Rare Night Time Hunt At Taita Hills / Lumo Sanctuary In Kenya

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Cheetah catches a kongoni during a rare night time hunt in Taita Hills / Lumo, Kenya

Do Cheetahs hunt at night? The age old question was finally answered during our night game drive in Lumo and Taita Hills Sanctuary. At about 21h00 we came across this young male cheetah that had just finished asphyxiating a young Kongoni and was about to start its meal.

Unlike Lions and Leopards, Cheetahs are not known to actively hunt at night! Their night vision capabilities are no better than that of human beings so we were extremely thrilled to witness this and capture this very special and rare event of natural history on camera.

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The same cheetah finished its entire meal by morning

After its successful night time hunt, we quickly caught up with the cheetah again the next morning at 06h30 and were happy to see that he devoured the entire kongoni peacefully at night, with no expected interruptions from lions or hyenas. The above photo shows what remained of its meal. 

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