Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The 4x4 Kenyan Safari Experience

Our 4x4 Safari Land Cruiser is an excellent choice for your wildlife holiday

When deciding to travel by road on a Kenya Safari, the 4x4 vehicle is quite literally the Rolls Royce of travel options out there. The vehicle's heavy body makes it a stable drive and its rear coil shock absorbers offers extra comfort during the bumpy safari game drives. It also has some added height which means better game viewing through the pop up roof and its all wheel drive capabilities do come in handy for getting out of sticky situations during rainy seasons or when stuck in soft dry sand. 

Booking a 4x4 safari may cost a little bit more than the traditional Minibus, but the extra luxury is definitely worth the money; especially if you plan to be on the road for 4 days or more.

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