Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Kenya Offers Some Top Class Scuba Diving

A beautiful adult Coris Wrasse seen on an evening dive in Kenya

Kenya's long fringing reef has some of the best un-visited dive spots around and an evening dive on one of these sites will reward divers with a uniqueness, and sense of being the ultimate maritime explorer. Diving along the many hidden and unseen coral reefs is an experience scuba divers will ultimately talk about for many years to come.

Before focusing most of my attention on the world of terrestrial wildlife, my great interest in photographing the natural world actually took off when i first started scuba diving over twenty years ago. From the countless number of dives done, looking back now at the photographs i have taken of the beautiful marine life found on the Kenyan coast continues to occupy me for many pleasurable hours.

So Kenya naturally, deserves to also be recognized for its great diving and not just the great wildlife safari experience it has become world famous for. Enjoying some bottom time on the Indian Ocean sea bed off Mombasa, Shimoni, Watamu or Kilifi will definitely not disappoint.

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