Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Agility Of An Elephants Trunk

An elephant uses its trunk for daily survival

An elephants trunk is specialized in performing a variety of daily tasks. It is the elephant's most important body part and this long, boneless and flexible appendage contains over 40,000 muscles. 

Just as a comparison, the human body has over 600 muscles while the Flexibility of an elephants trunk could be somewhat compared to that of a human tongue - (go cant resist twisting it!) but the trunk has much more capabilities.

The Elephants trunk has multiple functions which include; breathing, smelling, touching, grasping, making sound, sucking up and holding water for drinking or bathing, communicating, digging holes to look for water, playing, picking up sand to give itself a sand bath and so much more! 

Because it has all those muscles and is boneless, the trunk can twist and maneuver effortlessly to aid in collecting its food. The two finger like extensions found right at the tip of the trunk enable it to hold and bring the food to its mouth.

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