Monday, 7 July 2014

Kisite Marine Park Is One Of The Best Preserved Underwater Sanctuaries

Hawksbill turtle swimming past in Kisite Marine Park. Photo by Shazaad Kasmani

Kisite Marine Park is located in the south coast of Mombasa just off the fishing villages called Wasini Island & Shimoni. It is an estimated 28km2 in size and is one of the best preserved marine park sanctuaries on the Kenyan coastlines.This incredible ecosystem is home to a variety of marine life such as the resident bottle nose dolphins, rays, hundreds of species of reef fish, crustaceans and most importantly marine turtles.

Out of the different types of turtles found along the reef surrounding the island, the Hawksbill Turtle can usually be seen feeding or resting on the sea floor. Their name derives from the sharp beak like mouth which they use to feed on sea sponges, algae, sea anemones and even jellyfish. 

These beautiful and graceful marine animals are a Critically Endangered species whose life, habitat and ecosystem are being threatened globally. As a critically endangered species, the Kenyan Government and CITES forbids the capture or killing of the Hawksbill and all other turtle species for that matter found in our waters.
If you ever get to visit the colorful coral gardens of Kisite Marine Park and have the chance to snorkel or dive with a turtle, you will feel a complete sense of fulfillment and appreciation of the underwater world.

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