Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Getting The Fine Details in Wildlife Photography

Elephant reveals its fine details up close
There are thousands of elephant photographs out there so how do you make yours stand out from all the other wildlife photographs. 

Well personally, iv found that getting to know your subject and spending alot of time with it can really open up your opportunities to capturing a very different perspective. Take this elephant for example, photographed in the Shimba Hills National Reserve, we spent about One hour watching it feeding on the grass about 100 meters away from us. As we curiously and quietly watched its every move, the elephant developed a full trust and confidence in our presence that it casually began walking right up to us. Reaching literally Five meters away from our vehicle it stopped and then peacefully kept feeding. 

Listening to its trunk tear the grass from the soil, the grinding of its teeth as it chewed, the inhaling and exhaling of its breath, the silent grunting noises that it made...all these intimate sounds and fine details like the texture of its skin could be captured in the above photograph making it different and unique.

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