Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Little Give And Take

Elephant transplanting a seeding by carrying it on its tusk

Elephants are sometimes reputed for leaving a trail of destruction in their path but this is at no fault of their own. Their size and appetite does not leave much to the imagination. Come the dry season, elephant herds traversing through the Savannah areas can literally be tracked by following the path of uprooted trees, felled branches and torn up pieces of tree bark scattered all over.

Besides all this, little do we realize that the level of this devastation is actually balanced with creation! Elephants spread plant seeds over very wide areas with their droppings, the same dung is also rolled off by dung beetles underground which helps fertilize the soil and on very rare occasion's as photographed above, elephants even uproot little seedlings involuntarily and later transplant them to other distant areas. Nature keeps everything balanced, its a little give and take.

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