Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Warthog in Shimba Hills National Reserve

The warthog can be found in almost all the national parks that Kenya has to offer. Weighing an average 100 to 200 pounds, they have been known to live for up to 15 years. Known commonly in Swahili as Ngiri, after the first sighting, you will understand why some local guides also refer to them as Kenyan Express!

These strange looking but beautiful animals were made famous by the Lion King Cartoon, Pumba, and have become one of the most popular wildlife seen and asked to be seen during a safari. 

Warthogs are grazers and you may notice them coming down on their knees as they dig into the ground looking for bulbs and roots with their snout and tusks. Its always entertaining to find them playing and wallowing about in the muddy waterholes.

Did you know that Warthogs enter their underground burrows backwards? 

The female will gestate for about 170 days and her litter of 4 will have a single teat all to themselves. Another interesting thing to note is that if one of her young dies, the others will not suckle from that teat.

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