Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Jackal returning to its den at dawn

With an average life span of 8 to10 years, the jackal is commonly mistaken to be a scavenger. In reality, they are quite versatile hunters. They also are capable of adjusting their diet to what is in season within their territory. Being omnivores, they commonly feed on invertebrates, small mammals such as rodents, hares, dik-dik, antelope fawns; birds like spur-fowls, francolins, guinea-fowl; reptiles like snakes and lizards.

However when an opportunity for a free meals arises, such as, a lion having made a kill, the jackal will wait patiently among the vultures to home in on the carcass and quickly grab a piece of meat.

Did you know that the main predator of the jackal is the leopard!

The female jackal will give birth to 3-6 pups in her underground den and after about 12 months the pups will now leave to search for their own territories.

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