Wednesday, 22 August 2012


A young baboon drenched after a short rain in Shimba Hills National Reserve

With a life span of about 25 years, there are two types of baboons commonly found in Kenya. The Olive Baboon and the Yellow Baboon. The Olive baboons are a little larger and darker in colour and can be found in the northern and central parts of Kenya. While their Cousins the Yellow Baboons, are smaller and lighter yellow  in colour. They are more commonly found along the coast and southern parts of the country.

Baboons are Omnivorous and can usually be seen eating grass, flowers, seeds, berries and insects but they have also been noted hunt down very young gazelle, birds and also on occasion, smaller monkeys such as vervet or sykes monkeys.

When a baboon is born, it will spend an average 4 weeks tightly clinching with all four limbs to the under belly of its mother. At about 5 weeks onward, the baby can be noticed riding on its mothers back like a jockey on a horse, which is a very entertaining and cute spectacle to watch and photograph! 

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