Monday, 21 May 2012


Wild Kenya Safaris was proud to have been received by the newest royal family on our recent Tsavo East Safari.

Mrembo and her three little cubs

We have been privileged to have spent a considerable amount of time with Tsavo lions, enough so, that over the last six years we've managed to study and document the lives of particular individuals and lion prides. One of these is a lioness called “Mrembo”.

Two cubs exploring the surrounds as one comfortably suckles

We have been following the life of “Mrembo” for the last two and a half years, she was a solitary lioness and quite successful at her solo survival skills up until eight months ago when she teamed up with another solitary female called “Mjuvi”.

Play time under mummy's watchful eye

“Mrembo” is a proud new mother of three. The birth of these cubs is an exciting occasion for Tsavo lions and at just over three weeks old where they begin to walk adventurously, we and our guests were very privileged to have seen and photographed these adorable little cubs for the very first time. 

Mrembo taking the cubs back into hiding

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