Sunday, 27 May 2012


Over the last few months in Tsavo East National park we have noticed there is a particular lioness who was quite fond of tree climbing! 

Now lions like all cats are quite curious. We have seen on many occasions the odd lion climbing up a tree, so proud of its accomplishment it takes a victory snooze, wakes up, then finds itself in a predicament when it comes to climbing back down!

Unlike their counterparts the Leopards who a masters of tree climbing, the lions are a little clumsier at this stunt. 

Wild Kenya Safaris over the last three months has been finding that a lioness called "Mjuvi" has become a champion climber. We came to this conclusion because we always find her sitting on a high branch scouting the vast savannah and now believe that this lioness has evolved her hunting techniques. Abandoning the classic red termite mounds as vantage points, she has found that she can see prey more discreetly and further away by climbing trees!

"Mjuvi" lioness up in the tree tops
We shall be watching her art of tree climbing closely and for all we know, so will the three little cubs of "Mrembo" as they are always in each others company on their journeys in the bush.

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