Friday, 9 October 2015

Diving Into Mombasa's Sea Of Scissors

Scissortail Sergeants in Mombasa Marine Park

Approaching Mombasa Marine Park by dive boat or glass bottomed boat the number of scissortail sergeants you will encounter in this marine park  is remarkably overwhelming. Always looking for a handout, these large damselfish hang around the coral heads and swim up to the hull of the boat where they search for algae and small crustaceans attached to the vessel or receive small bread morsels that has been handed out by the boat crew. 

Black and white in colour and averaging four to six inches in length they get heir name from their scissor like tail and banded stripes that resemble that of a military sergeants patched insignia.

Their natural oceanic predators include groupers, barracuda and other pelagic's. 

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