Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Best Leopard Sighting's In The Tsavo Area

A male leopard rests on Lion Rock in the greater Tsavo area of Lumo Conservancy in Kenya

One of the most highly prized photographic subject for wildlife enthusiasts is the elusive and secretive leopard. Its mystical allure, clever hunting skills, expert tree climbing abilities and awesome personality make it an excellent photographic subject. I could personally spend an entire day - sunrise to sunset, watching this amazing big cat!

Ordinarily the Masai Mara is well reputed for this predators regular sightings but for those safari travelers whose time, budget, is of the essence and can only travel by road from the coast, then the Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary located in the buffer area of Tsavo West is one of the best places to spot them. 

Approximately 3.5 hours drive from Mombasa or 4.5 hours from Diani Beach, the Lumo Sanctuary was created in 2001 when three community run ranches called Lualenyi, Mraba and Oza, allocated portions of their land towards wildlife conservation and habitat protection. The acronym LUMO was hence created by using the first initials of these ranches. This combined sanctuary is approximately 46,000 hectares in size and its ecosystem is composed of riverine habitat, savanna grassland and hills, making it a crucial wildlife corridor linking Tsavo East, Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and Tsavo West.

With leopard sightings most common during the dry season, the Lions Bluff Lodge which is strategically located atop of a hill is an ideal choice of accommodation to reach the vast network of roads in the sanctuary. Night game drives provided in an open safari land cruiser, also greatly increases the chances of seeing the leopard and some of the other predators in their natural nocturnal habitat.

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