Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Moray Eel

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A White Mouth Moray Eel takes shelter between some disc coral in Kenya's Indian Ocean

Kenya's scuba industry does not have a Big 5 classification for marine life, but if i were asked to prepare one, i would definitely include the moray eel on that list. 

Moray eels are one of those species that are hard to find yet had to miss, if you know what i mean. They are can be seen meandering their way on the open seafloor mostly at night as its their preferred hunting time, however during the day, you can find them hidden in cracks, crevices or sandwiched between corals as they intriguingly stare at the diver with their jaws gaping open and shut exposing their intimidating razer sharp teeth. An experienced diver knows that there isn't much to worry about from this fierce looking display as morays usually never attack divers unless they have been provoked, fed by hand or inhibited from entering their coral burrows. 

Watching and photographing moray eels is really a rewarding experience for diver's or snorkeler's of all levels and so to me, they would classify as a big 5 of any Kenyan scuba safari. The video below shows a different moray eel being cleaned by a Bluestreaked Cleaner Wrasse filmed on another dive ...

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