Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Wildlife Sanctuary In A Capital City

Giraffe traversing the park with Nairobi Skyline in the background

There is no other place in the world where one could fly into a capital city for a meeting only to realize that you are surrounded by a national park with beautiful bird life gliding by your window and towers of giraffe gently traversing the park in front of you searching of juicy acacia leaves.

Nairobi National Park cannot be better described than "a rare global treasure". There is quite alot of wildlife to see here! From large Buffalo herds wading in the waterholes to Rhinos and big cats like Lions and Leopards, this park is a paradise within the city limits and really worth a visit if you have a couple of hours to spare. While you enjoy a game drive admiring some of the finest mammals that can only be seen in Africa, you will begin to have a real sense of admiration for mother nature and an understanding of why this little piece of heaven within a concrete jungle needs to be further protected for future generations. Nairobi National Park is only a few minutes drive from the international airport and its the kind of tourist attraction that Kenya needs to keep its efforts up in conserving to safeguard this globally unique wildlife sanctuary.

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